Lisbeth Cherrington

Learning Through Play

About Lisbeth Cherrington

Lisbeth Cherrington is the Co-Founder of Smart Company Kids, Successful Business Leader, and Loving Mother.

Lisbeth “Libby” Cherrington has made a name for herself as a successful business leader and entrepreneur in the financial services realm. Having served as a successful Financial Advisor, Libby is now a Co-Founder of Smart Company Kids, a company focusing on teaching kids about the stock market and how it fits into their lives through the power of learning through play. Teaching kids ages 3-12, Smart Company Kids currently has a program that is being beta-tested in a Montessori-school.

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One of the things Smart Company Kids focuses on – and something Libby is extremely passionate about – is the success of learning through play. “When you are engaging in play,” says Clair Mellenthin, “which in and of itself is a symbolic metaphor in its truest form, whole parts of your brain are engaged, developing crucial connections that lead to a positive development of the child.”

In addition to her career, Libby is passionate about encouraging people to embrace what makes them unique and to follow their dreams and passions. A shining example of what can be accomplished with a solid work ethic and a passion to help people, Lisbeth Cherrington is known for her career accomplishments as much as she is known for her love of people and her desire to see people grow in confidence and happiness. For more on this, follow Libby at, and stay up to date as she shares her heart and passion behind her successful, multi-layered career.

In her free time, Libby enjoys spending time with her two children, enjoying beautiful Hilton Head, SC, and loving the life she’s been blessed with.

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